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Cairn Hill, Inc. is a nonprofit organization that provides arts-based enrichment to children in multiethnic, urban communities. Our Waldorf-inspired after school curriculum balances, enlivens and integrates the academic day.

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An impressive array of after school programs is offered in metropolitan Boston, Massachusetts. Among these, Cairn Hill is unique in providing children with an after school experience that is inspired by Waldorf education. Since our inception in 2012, we have had opportunities to pilot and refine our innovative arts curriculum in area public schools, and have developed a rich program for English language learners that features storytelling, music, art and gardening.


Storytelling and Puppetry




In September 2012, Cairn Hill created and piloted our first after school program at the Salemwood School in Malden, Massachusetts. The program included music, clay modeling, wood working and connecting to nature. Read more

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Cocktail Reception

After school Arts in Malden

SPRiNG Arts Session I—Lessons in Metamorphisis

During Session I, the children and teachers witnessed the transformation of their own surroundings, and then learned about this magical process through the study of the life cycle of the butterfly.

Immersed at the outset in a historically cold and snowy winter in the Boston area, teachers Nancy Bell and Patty Crotty incorporated the drama of the local weather into several early lessons, and creatively provided opportunities for indoor play through such fun games as “Mr. Fox” and tip-toe relay races :)

As the snows melted and the temperatures warmed, places important to the children: the outdoor playground and the SPRiNG Arts garden plot, began to transform—spring had arrived! Teachers now created lessons related to this wondrous season, including several on butterfly metamorphosis and its place in the natural rhythms of nature. Read more

Lexington Waldorf School presents the musical “Spangola” at the Linden STEAM Academy in Malden

In early April, Lexington Waldorf teacher Helena Niiva’s sixth graders performed an original musical, Going to Spangola, at the Linden STEAM Academy in Malden, MA. Going to Spangola features a spirited and imaginative orphan, Lucy, who entertains her friends with tales of adventures in a magical land—a land that turns out to be real! Based on a poem by Kate Snow, this fantastical play was written by Liz Duffy Adams and delightfully set to music by Waldorf chorus teacher Chris Eastburn.

The Waldorf performers were received with great enthusiasm by the Linden School audience of over 100 fifth graders and their teachers. The audience members were engaged and attentive throughout, leaning forward in their seats to catch every detail, snapping their fingers along with the cast during the jazzier songs and sharing long applause at the finale. Linden School fifth grade teacher, Kathy Cutting warmly thanked the Waldorf troupe for their performance and invited them to “come back any time!” The experience was equally positive for the Waldorf students. According to teacher Helena Niiva, “The children and I were very happy to be able to expand and experience a little beyond our ‘walls’-- this was a very meaningful and motivating community outreach project for us.”

Cairn Hill thanks all who supported this exciting exchange, especially Kathy Cutting of the Linden School, and Helena Niiva, Chris Eastburn, and Stephanie Otto Orvik of the Waldorf school. Special thanks to the Waldorf sixth graders for traveling to a neighboring community and gladly showcasing their talents and Waldorf’s rich arts offerings.


High drama in the land of Spangola!

Taking a bow: Waldorf sixth grade teacher, Helena Niiva, with her class
An appreciative Linden School audience

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