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Cairn Hill, Inc. is a nonprofit organization that provides arts-based enrichment to children in multiethnic, urban communities. Our Waldorf-inspired after school curriculum balances, enlivens and integrates the academic day.

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An impressive array of after school programs is offered in metropolitan Boston, Massachusetts. Among these, Cairn Hill is unique in providing children with an after school experience that is inspired by Waldorf education. Since our inception in 2012, we have had opportunities to pilot and refine our innovative arts curriculum in area public schools, and have developed a rich program for English language learners that features storytelling, music, art and gardening.


Storytelling and Puppetry




In September 2012, Cairn Hill created and piloted our first after school program at the Salemwood School in Malden, Massachusetts. The program included music, clay modeling, wood working and connecting to nature. Read more

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After school Arts in Malden

FALL Arts Session —In the Teachers’ Words

The New England fall has been glorious this year and our creative and enthusiastic Cairn Hill teachers Nancy Bell and Carol Ryan have delighted students with activities focused on the beauty and rhythms of this colorful season. Below, the teachers describe some of the lively experiences the program offered.

Cocktail Reception
We had a picnic snack outside by our gardens today. I brought in two of my hens. The students fed them corn and other vegetables. Nancy told the story of Henny Penny. Read more

Cocktail Reception
Today I brought my great-grandfather’s 100 yr old cider press to school. Carol brought two bushels of apples. We made fresh apple cider with the children.

Our goal was to have the students experience making apple cider, which is a New England fall tradition. The children learned about taking turns, the sequence of operating the press, and then the joys of tasting fresh cider! They had several cups each and enjoyed sharing the extra with their delighted parents at pick-up time. It was a great day.

Cocktail Reception
This afternoon, we stayed indoors and worked on dramatic play and storytelling, due to the cold and rainy weather.

We then sat in a circle and I gave each child a vocabulary card. We chose the cards that involved some sort of gesture, such as “timid” or “boast” or “arrive.”We brainstormed ways to act them out. Then we scrambled the cards and each child got to pick one and hide it from the others. They took turns acting them out and having the others guess the word. They enjoyed this very much. Then they took turns telling two-minute stories.

Family Concert and Barn Dance

Cairn Hill held its third annual fall fundraiser at the historic Scout House in Concord, Massachusetts. Featured performers were Hanneke Cassel and Christopher Lewis, the O’Shea Chaplin Academy of Irish Dance, and the Scottish Fish. We are so grateful for this community of friends who not only shared their musical talents, but also came together to listen and dance in support of Cairn Hill. It was a joyous evening!

Family Concert

Katie Bell and Hanneke Cassel
Katie Bell and Hanneke Cassel

Chaplin Irish Dance
The O’Shea Chaplin Academy of Irish Dance

Family Concert
Barn Dance!

Family Concert
Form the arch and…

Family Concert
swing your partner!

Family Concert
The Scottish Fish

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