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Cairn Hill brings the transformative power of the arts to young learners in urban and multi-ethnic communities using nature, story, music, and the hands-on approach inspired by Waldorf education.

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Cairn Hill is planning to open a nature preschool in greater Boston! The new preschool will offer a unique curriculum inspired by Waldorf and nature-based education.
Stay tuned for more exciting news to come!

After school Arts in Malden

Thanks to generous funding from the Adelaide Breed Bayrd Foundation, The Willow Tree Fund, and many individual donors, Cairn Hill has completed another year of arts and nature after school programming at the Linden School in Malden, MA.  We are very grateful for this support. And so are the parents!  

Parents Speak

"I’m just really proud of how much my Julian has learned. We really appreciate your dedication and attentiveness to the kids…and a special thank you for making it affordable".

"[My son] has really enjoyed the variety of projects he has participated in. He has had fun while learning – the best kind!"

"The kids enjoy the outdoor activities where they learn a lot about nature and environment. I strongly recommend the program."

Founders and Board Members
Fine weather and breezy, sunny days encouraged the teachers to spend afternoons
outside playing games and enjoying healthy picnic snacks.

SPRING Arts Session

Cairn Hill teachers, Carol Ryan, Uschi Kullmann and Nancy Bell have brought the springtime alive for our after school English language learners.

The children experienced the delight of seeing the bulbs they planted last fall emerge and blossom, then planted seeds, watched, watered and mulched the tender seedlings. In time they tasted, harvested, and shared with their appreciative families. read more


Once again, Cairn Hill is grateful to the Waldorf School of Lexington for sharing their art with the Linden STEAM Academy.

On April 6th, Tara DeNatale's Waldorf eighth graders performed "The Lion King" for Linden STEAM Academy students read more


An impressive array of after school programs is offered in metropolitan Boston, Massachusetts. Among these, Cairn Hill is unique in providing children with an after school experience that is inspired by Waldorf education. Since our inception in 2012, we have had opportunities to pilot and refine our innovative arts curriculum in area public schools, and have developed a rich program for English language learners that features storytelling, music, art and gardening.

Art of Word Weaving Curriculum Launched!
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Storytelling and Puppetry




In September 2012, Cairn Hill created and piloted our first after school program at the Salemwood School in Malden, Massachusetts. The program included music, clay modeling, wood working and connecting to nature. Read more