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Cairn Hill provides high quality, arts-based instruction to children in urban communities | 781.648.4605

The Next Step

A nature preschool in the city of Lynn! Help us unlock our $40,000 Challenge Grant.

Employment Opportunities

Cairn Hill is accepting applications for a Preschool Director and a Lead Teacher.

If you are a dynamic, progressive educator with a background or strong interest in Waldorf and Nature Preschool education, please send a cover letter and resume to
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Our Mission

Cairn Hill brings the transformative power of the arts to young learners in urban and multi-ethnic communities using nature, story, music, and the hands-on approach inspired by Waldorf education.

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Cairn Hill is ready to take a giant leap forward increasing exponentially the number of children and families we serve as well as the time we have them by…. ESTABLISHING A NATURE PRESCHOOL in the city of Lynn! Research has shown that a high quality preschool experience lays the critical foundation for academic success. Our preschool will put the young learners of Lynn on the path to being lifelong learners and environmental stewards.

We have a $40,000 Challenge Grant from the Willow Tree Fund!

With your help, we will OPEN THE DOORS of your new preschool in September 2017. Your contribution will allow us to secure the perfect space, ready classrooms, create a nature playground, build raised beds, plant flowers, and most importantly, hire excellent teachers.

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FALL Arts Session

Master gardeners, Patti Mendelson and Mary Mansur, introduced Cairn Hill’s Arts Innovation afterschool class to delights of the garden and the worlds of imagination and creativity.

On the grounds of Malden’s Linden STEAM Academy, the k-2nd graders discovered broccoli on the stalk in their own school yard! They learned that flavors of leaves change according to leaf size, which parts of the plant are edible (yes, we can eat those nice orange flowers!) and proudly brought home produce to share. They created compost and learned that it serves as food for the plants. In November, they blanketed the school plots with salt marsh hay to insulate and warm the soil over the winter to protect the hardy plants and bulbs – an early model of environmental protection! read more


An impressive array of after school programs is offered in metropolitan Boston, Massachusetts. Among these, Cairn Hill is unique in providing children with an after school experience that is inspired by Waldorf education. Since our inception in 2012, we have had opportunities to pilot and refine our innovative arts curriculum in area public schools, and have developed a rich program for English language learners that features storytelling, music, art and gardening.

Art of Word Weaving Curriculum Launched!
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Storytelling and Puppetry




In September 2012, Cairn Hill created and piloted our first after school program at the Salemwood School in Malden, Massachusetts. The program included music, clay modeling, wood working and connecting to nature. Read more