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Cairn Hill is an after school program that seeks to enrich the education of children in underserved communities

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About Waldorf


Waldorf Education: A Child-Centered Approach to Teaching and Learning

Waldorf education originated in the early 1900s, and is based on Austrian philosopher Rudolf Steiner’s insights into human development. Until recently, American schools offering a Waldorf education have been private schools, and there has been little awareness of Waldorf methods and their origin in mainstream education. However, during the last decade a large and growing number of public Waldorf schools have come into being, largely through the charter school movement. Between 2000 and 2010, for example, the number of Waldorf-inspired public schools expanded from 12 to 45, with an additional 30 slated to open in 2011 (Alliance for Public Waldorf Education). This vigorous growth has created a widening interest in Waldorf methods and their potential to serve a diverse school population. Waldorf’s growth has also sparked national media interest in its approach to education; it has recently been featured in television reports on NBC Evening News, CNN and Fox News, in a front-page New York Times article, and was reviewed in the Harvard Education Letter (see links/resources). To learn more about Waldorf education, visit this website:

Alliance for Public Waldorf Education

Preparing for Life: How Waldorf Education Prepares Children for the 21st Century

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