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Cairn Hill is an after school program that seeks to enrich the education of children in underserved communities

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About Our Program

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Cairn Hill Afterschool Program—Building Vocabulary through the Arts

Our program features enriching, hands-on activities based on Waldorf principles of educating the whole child. The centerpiece of our offering is our storytelling curriculum, “The Art of Word Weaving.”

Academically, the goal of our two- day program is to expand children’s vocabulary and support their English speaking skills. We use stories to teach key words/concepts presented in the school day curriculum. The children learn to retell these stories using the important words. This “pedagogical” storytelling is enriched using art activities to reinforce new vocabulary words and ideas the children are learning. Children enjoy engaging songs, games, stories & activities while improving their English language skills.

Elements of Our Curriculum Include:

Waldorf Education: A Child-Centered Approach to Teaching and Learning

Waldorf education originated in the early 1900s, and is based on Austrian philosopher Rudolf Steiner’s insights into human development. Until recently, American schools offering a Waldorf education have been private schools, and there has been little awareness of Waldorf methods and their origin in mainstream education. However, during the last decade a large and growing number of public Waldorf schools have come into being, largely through the charter school movement. Between 2000 and 2010, for example, the number of Waldorf-inspired public schools expanded from 12 to 45, with an additional 30 slated to open in 2011 (Alliance for Public Waldorf Education). This vigorous growth has created a widening interest in Waldorf methods and their potential to serve a diverse school population. Waldorf’s growth has also sparked national media interest in its approach to education; it has recently been featured in television reports on NBC Evening News, CNN and Fox News, in a front-page New York Times article, and was reviewed in the Harvard Education Letter (see links/resources). To learn more about Waldorf education, visit this website: