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Cairn Hill is an after school program that seeks to enrich the education of children in underserved communities

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About Malden

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Malden is the second most ethnically/ linguistically diverse city in Massachusetts. Forty seven percent of the households report that their primary language is not English. Residents originating from China, Haiti, Brazil have recently been joined by families from non-traditional countries of immigration such as the Middle East and Africa.

Our Pilot Program in Malden

During academic year 2012-2013, Cairn Hill collaborated with The Partnership for Community Schools in Malden (PCSM), to offer a two-day afterschool program for children in grades K-2 at the Salemwood School.

Cairn Hill Afterschool Program—Building Vocabulary through the Arts

Our program featureds enriching, hands-on activities based on Waldorf principles of educating the whole child. The centerpiece of our offering was our storytelling curriculum, “The Art of Word Weaving.”

Academically, the goal of our two- day program was to expand children’s vocabulary and support their English speaking skills. We used stories to teach key words/concepts presented in the school day curriculum. The children learned to retell these stories using the important words. This “pedagogical” storytelling was enriched using art activities to reinforce new vocabulary words and ideas the children were learning. Children enjoyed engaging songs, games, stories & activities while improving their English language skills.

sample word card that reads nourish sample word card that reads startlesample word card that reads emerge
Sample Word Cards

Elements of Our Curriculum Include: